Monday, February 2, 2009


Written By TDERIGG2

Ohhhhhhhhh what a weekend it was in the world of sports.

Because their were to unreal sporting events this weekend, we'll make this a 2 parter for all yalls. Ya Digg??

Part 1.

Let's start with the obvious. They played a football game on Sunday. I believe they call it the Super Bowl.....and that was probably the perfect term for it. Who knew that we would see a better game than the previous year's Giants-Patriots, ever, let alone in the next season. Yesterday's game is easily in the top 3 and may even be the best Superbowl ever. And the funniest part is......It was one of the most boring games of the entire season for the first 3 quarters (much like last years SB). I mean seriously, I found myself walking around my aunt's house aimlessly trying to find something to do, opening the frig, then reopening again and again. As if by some devine miracle in between the last visit, 2 minutes ago, God found a way to place a .99 cent can of Arizona Green Tea in there (1.06 with tax in Jersey) that I could enjoy because the first three quarters were abysmal.

(Quick Side Note: Can you find a better deal in the world for a drink, than that .99 cent Arizona Green Tea, I mean really.....Consider this the first official Chit-Chat Sports public challenge. I'm challenging anyone to post a better deal then that on a non-alcoholic beverage, that actually tastes amazing and is amazing for you.)

Then something caught my eye with 11 minutes to go. Up to that point Larry Fitzgerald had 1 catch. (WHAT?) So then he wound up catching a 10 yard comeback, nothing fancy. But what followed is what caught the Steelers off guard. Warner then signaled them to the hurry-up offense. It was then that the Cardinals were really catching the Steelers off guard. Here's my question to you Todd Haley. Why Now? Why not in the first half? (Ok so two questions) They waited to long to use this offense, and look what happens when they do use it, they score 16 points in 9 minutes. Complete misfire by the Cardinal offense in the first half. At least sprinkle it in a little bit here and there. If you want my comical analysis then consider this. Most NFL referees today group up in the 70s, when the Steelers were dominating the league. There is something a little fishy with these refs and the Steelers when they play in the Super Bowl (See: Super Bowl XL vs Seahawks) Now I'm not implying that the refs are biased to the Steelers, but basically.....the refs are biased to the Steelers. Now if you want the true analysis then consider this. Arizona just got caught with bad timing. They made a game winning drive....but it happened 2 minutes too early and their defense couldn't hold Big Ben and Santonio Holmes on the final drive. One other thing, Arizona...seroiusly...11 penalties?? You can't be a Super Bowl team and commit 11 penalties in the biggest game of your careers.

So once again the Steelers get a rather lucky win, and claim the title as "best franchise" in NFL history with 6 Super Bowls. You know what really erks me though....Ben Roethiht0894eutoigeroigerlisberger has two Super Bowl rings and guys like Dan Marino and Archie Manning don't have any.

But I guess that's football. Goodbye 08 season. Cant wait for 09.

P.S. Cowboys are 8-1 favorites to win the next Superbowl....higher odds then any other team. Sip on that for a while.


  1. the cowgirls have been expected to do big things for a while now....

  2. TD we already we are going to be ranked high as hell to when the superbowl... but WILL RO decided to man up or tank again? As to you Mr. DeRiggi, we have 6 more months to we back at it again

  3. yea its too bad we probably wont do anything again next year


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