Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How I'm going to save NBA All-Star Weekend

Written By TDERIGG2

The week before NBA All-Star Weekend every year is one of my favorite weeks of the year in sports. Ever since I was a young child I've watched every All-Star weekend. Something about it just gets your blood going if your a die hard basketball fan. However, this year's All-Star festivities didn't have me going like they usually do. There was no buzz. No excitement. No anticipation. And I don't understand why. You have the chance for a 3-peat at the 3-point competition, a brand new competition in H-O-R-S-E (I'll get to this later), and of course Superman himself returning in the dunk contest. Not to mention the game which is always ridiculous.

So as the festivities started on Saturday night, I can safely say the thing I was looking forward to the most was the H-O-R-S-E competition. Kevin Durant, OJ Mayo, and Joe Johnson competed and for the most part it was rather successful. However, major changes need to be made. I think that keeping 3 people is the way to go. However, you need creative and witty players to shoot in the competition. Most of all, you need players (like MJ was) who DO NOT WANT TO LOSE. You need super-competitive guys and that in turn makes the competition even better. I think Steve Nash is an ABSOLUTE must have in this competition. He is a fun, charismatic guy, and he can shoot the lights out from any location. Durant HAS to return next year to defend his title because he has an uncanny ability to just hit jump shots. The last player we need for next year is Kobe....now I know it's tough to get someone like him but I think he would be down with it. These three guys are all crazy shot makers, and the most important thing are super-competitive. You need guys who HATE to lose to compete because it bodes better for a more fun event. Besides who wouldn't want to win that extremely valuable trophy that TNT so willingly gave them. (Plastic Horse from Toy's R Us or where ever they got it from)

I don't think many changes need to be made to the 3-point contest, except getting guys who are actually SHOOTERS for the 3-point SHOOTOUT. Roger Mason Jr.? Comon man, I have better form then at least 3 of the guys shooting in that competition, and I only get to play 2-3 nights a week because god-forbid we get less then 50 people trying to play at LA fitness at night, in turn making us wait 5 games until we get on. I digress. But seriously, the committee who selects the shooters really has to look to see if they're actually selecting Shooters and not just guys who have made a lot of threes. Rashard Lewis might have the worst form for a guy who's made like 150 threes, it doesn't make him a great shooter...he just shoots them a lot. You want a memorable competition in 2010 give me (in no sequential order): Durant, Nash, Kapono, Dirk, Ray Allen, and then throw in someone controversial...like Kobe...(can you sense where I'm going with this Kobe thing? You will)

And finally the Dunk Contest, the mecca of All-Star Weekend. The most anticipated and hyped event of the weekend. I don't care what the circumstances are , the NBA has to maintain this event and make sure that people still want to watch it every year. For example this year had all the hype because you had Superman coming back, Nate Robinson coming back (two former champions), JR Smith (whom we played against in a summer league scrimmage, he dropped like 40 on us...no big deal) who can jump out the gym and got screwed over in the last dunk contest he was in, and a flyer like Rudy Fernandez who turned out to maybe have the best dunk of the night. But the overall dunk contest didn't turn out to be a memorable one like we want to see each year, so this is what we have to do David. Even though we're in a recession and the economy is tight, you have to up the ante a little bit for these guys to want and come participate, so throw them an extra couple thousand and see who it attracts. Then you make a pitch to the 4 best dunkers in the game, or the 4 who you think will give the best show. And if you can't name the top 3 off your head then you might have to never watch basketball again. Seriously don't. I'm not playing. It's obvious the first three you need are Lebron, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant. The 4th is a revolving door of, D-Wade, Amare Stoudemire, T-Mac (when healthy), and if you can't get any of those guys you go and bring back Vince Carter. Now someone argue with me that that isn't the best dunk contest ever. Lebron has already said he wants to go to Dallas in 2010 in the new arena of my beloved Cowboys, so you know Dwight will be back...I think that's enough leverage to bring back Kobe to the dunk contest and those three big names you have to be able to get one of the others i mentioned. Can I just book my ticket to Dallas now? Seriously Fitz I'm not playing, I'm scouring Expedia as we speak.

If you want a memorable All-Star Saturday Mr. Stern, please...I beg you...you need to read this. We're only getting about 10 hits a day but that's just a number in my opinion. Stats are for losers. Alrighty, I'm out .........like A-Rod's Hall of Fame chances.....

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