Sunday, February 8, 2009

61, and the Triple Double that Wasn't

Written By TDERIGG2

Talk about an encore week to the Super Bowl. Usually when the football season is over, there's a major down time in sports. Sure we have the NBA, NHL, and College Basketball going as the majors, but nothing really exciting happens from February 2nd until March Madness. Well we can put that notion to rest in 2009 because only a week later, the sporting world has some ridiculous events happening.

Let's start with my man Kobe and the Lakers in MSG. The Lake Show have a game against the Knicks in MSG the DAY AFTER the Super Bowl, so we're really not expecting anything, because the Knicks play defense like the Detroit Lions, and Andrew Bynum was just diagnosed with a torn M?A?P?L? CL tear, and hes missing 8-12 weeks. Fun. So what a dandy of a game this is going to be. Well it turns out that Kobe decided to become Superman, like he often does. (And Kobe usually starts to do this every season, right before the All-Star Break he realizes he can drop 50 a night on ANYONE in the league) Kobe decides that hes going to hang 61 on the Knickerbockers, driving ESPN into a frenzy because you know how they get when anyone does something epic. So all we're getting for two days is how Kobe is the best player in the NBA, Yada Yada Yada. February 4th rolls along and it's time for King James to roll into the Garden. And we all know the controversy there. Lebron, potentially a Knick in 2010 (where he seriously could average 40 a game under Mike D'Antoni, you don't believe me, watch it happen in 2010-2011) decides that he has to put on a somewhat of a decent effort (30-10,-5?) to at least try and match Kobe's effort.

So what does he do, he scores 52 points. Dishes out 11 Assists. And then grabs his 10th rebound with 39.4 seconds to go in the game. Hows that for an encore performance at the Garden? Triple Double for Lebron. (D'Antoni shaking his head.)

Now for some reason, the NBA came out today and said that Lebron's 10th rebound wasn't a rebound because he didn't have possession for more than a second or whatever that stupid rule is. So they wound up taking his Triple Double away, but still, his performance at the Garden was insane, much like Kobe's. So the debate has been, who's performance was more impressive. Well I'm going to say Lebron's performance was more impressive, and it's not to take anything away from Kobe, but seriously Kobe, you didn't have 1 rebound and your team blew out the Knicks. The Knicks were actually IN the Cavs game until Lebron decided he was going to get to the rim every time and your either going to have to foul me (which they did) or let me dunk on your face. Lebron had to make more critical plays down the stretch and that's why he gets it over Kobe, but hey....I wouldn't be complaining if I didn't get a rebound and dropped 61 on someone.

Coming Tomorrow: The Alex Rodriguez scandal.....OHHHHHHHH BOY HERE WE GOO...

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