Friday, February 27, 2009

Running Blog: NFL Free Agency

Written by Tom DeRiggi

Free Agency Day 1

Been a week since I posted an article on here, wayyyy too much school work going on. 3 papers, presentations, tests, the whole 9. So today I'm going to try something new, I've seen it done on popular blogs before and since were not popular in no shape whatsoever, I'm going to try and do what the popular dudes do....Going to give a shot at a running blog today on the NFL Free Agency, and trades being that the first day to make moves is today. And it's already bonkers. Lemme get right into it. (I'll be updating this all day so check back frequently if you wanna see who's going where.)

7:45 - Dinner break. Let me live......Rumor/basically official Jets trade 4th round pick for CB Lito Sheppard. Jets makin moves today. Too bad they have no quarterback. Rex Ryan is praying for Sanchez.

5:15 -
So we have an update on a previous deal considered done, Bart Scott's AGENT was the one who said he agreed to a contract deal, but reports are coming out now that if he can't get a deal done with Baltimore, then he would go to the Jets. Weird. Also the Titans resigned QB Kerry Collins to a 2 year deal. Sorry Vince.

- It's official. LB Mike Vrabel traded to the Chiefs for undisclosed draft pick. Typical Pioli move. Bring in leadership on the defensive side of the ball. I don't think the move will have a great impact, but Vrabel is a solid player and a solid pro.

4:00 - 3 Hour break...because nothing happened...there are some rumors going around though. Brian Dawkins is meeting in Denver today, Vrabel is in Kansas City seeking a trade to the chiefs. And now Christ Canty is meeting with the Giants. We'll see what happens.

1:00 - MANNY RAMIREZ TO THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - .....................just kidding. Seeing how many people's hearts stopped. Oh comon lighten up.

12:45 - Ravens sign CB Dominique Foxworth to a four-year, $28 million deal that includes $16.5 million guaranteed. Seems like a lot of money for a nickel CB. Ravens getting desperate? We shall see....

12:30 - Took a lunch break to find out the biggest news of the day. TE Kellen Winslow just traded to the Buccaneers for undisclosed picks. Wow. First monster of the day, I reallllllllllly like this for the Bucs. Finally have a middle target who's incredibly better then Alex Smith along with Antonio Bryant. They just have to decide who is going to be throwing the ball.

12:05 - LB Bart Scott signs with the New York Jets. Reallly like this for the Jets, if they can get Vernon Gholston along they could have the best linebacking group in the NFL. I have a feeling Scott won't be the last Raven to come over and play defense for the Jets. (Rex please don't take Ray, give the Cowboys some hope this off season and let him be. K. Thanx)

12:00 - Day is really picking up, RB Fred Taylor signs with the New England Patriots. Losing confidence in Laurence Maroney? I really like this because Belichek is going to use him in productive ways. Here is my early pick for comeback player of the year.

11:50 - Denver making a semi-splash, agreeing to terms with Correll Buckhalter AND JJ Arrington, this actually happened last night but this is the first time I'm hearing of it. I really like both guys, and they should split the load well. Josh McDaniels looks like he knows what hes doing.

11:48 - Staying right with the Redskins, resigned CB Deangelo Hall to 6 yr $55 million deal, I guess I can't be mad at this, he is a good corner, but I think we need an internal investigation as to how in the world the Redskins are still under the cap.

11:45 - DT Albert Haynesworth signs a $100 million deal with $41 million guaranteed with the Washington Redskins. I am very leery of Big Albert because of his history in non contract years, remember him stepping on Andre Gurode's head? He has played his best ball in contract years and I think Washington (once again, because they spend money like those Insurance Company CEO's on vacation) doesn't get the most out of Haynesworth in the upcoming years. You can't blame Al though, if someones giving me 100 mill, I'm outtie 5000. (Rumor: Word on the street is Cowboys DE Chris Canty is close to signing with them too, stay tuned)

11:30 - Lemme start with the ones that have already happened last night. S Gibril Wilson and S Jeremiah Bell signed to the Miami Dolphins. Parcells getting character guys, and depth to make another run at the NFC East Next year. I like the Gibril signing, don't know enough about Bell. Also the Sage Rosenfels to Vikings is a done deal now. Happy Viking fans? I wouldn't be.

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