Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running Blog: Free Agency Day 2

Still Written by Tom DeRiggi

Yesterday was a ridiculous day of free agent signings and trades, so ridiculous that over night there were 4 or 5 more moves that I didn't post about. So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep this entry for the rest of the weekend and update it when I can with all of the moves going on. Sound good? Alright let's do thissssss....

5:45 - Cowboys sign LB Keith Brooking, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS...some talent and depth....ok jerry lets go baby....I'm liking this day for the Cowboys so far.

- New York Giants sign LB Michael Boley. Great , solid sign. Giants adding depth and talent to their defense. Great just what the NFC east needs.

5:00 - Wow, I get back from a high school wrestling match and the NFL world is upside down. My Cowboys just traded for QB Jon Kitna, giving up CB Anthony Henry. Goodbye Henry, you couldn't cover me right now and I run a 4.9 FLAT. Dawkins is officially a Bronco. And the Texans signed Cardinals DE Antonio Smith to go opposite of Mario Williams.

(As a Cowboy fan I have to put this out there, absolutely love the move for Jon Kitna and here's why. Tony Romo needs competition, and Kitna doesn't care if hes brought in to be the water boy, he is going to compete for the starting spot, or at least push Tony. Also Kitna and R.E. Williams' relationship in Detroit was a good one, he can help him through the offense and also gives him a familiar face in the locker room. Finally Jerry, you did something I can agree with. Quick side Note: Does this open the door to sign Shawn Springs?? His family has ties with the Cowboys for decades and it was only a matter of time before he comes here...we shall see)

- The Cassel trade is now just preliminary because there is another team in the wings...things are really getting interesting. And now another rumor is out of Kurt Warner possibly going to the 49ers. WHAAAATTTT...I gotta run but ill be back on later with all the updates. Showtime is somewhere smiling right now.

1:00 - WOWWWWWWW....Matt Cassel traded to the Cheifs. Love the move. Pioli brings his boy over to the cheifs to play QB. I'm interested to see the pick that the Pats got. Smart move for the Pats also. Things are getting crazier and crazier..

10:15 -
Redskins still spending, sign G Derrick Dockery. Really though, where is the FBI when we need them. These guys are STILL under the cap. They were over
it like 3 days ago!! Im heated. In other news, Bills sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, WR Jabar Gaffney, and S Reynaldo Hill

10:08 -
The Brian Dawkins thing is almost a done deal...Really can't believe he's leaving Philly. Also another safety probably on the move Jim Leonhard looks like he'll be joining the Jets. Jets are real active much like they were last year. But everything is on the defensive side of the ball. Need to make a move for a receiver, a la...Tory Holt when he gets released today (Oops!)

10:05 -
LB Jonathan Vilma resigns with the Saints, and rumor has it Derrick Ward is meeting with the Bengals today. Interesting. Very Interesting.

- Again starting with the stuff last night. RB Maurice Morris signs a deal with the Detroit Lions. Why? Why would you go there? Had to be money. If they get Stafford though and a solid defensive player or O-Linemen with Dallas' 1st round pick (way to go Jerry) then they're going in the right direction towards rebuilding.

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