Monday, March 2, 2009

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Written by Tom DeRiggi

So as you may know (considering no one outside of Jersey reads this blog) we're bombarded with snow right now and I can't find anything else to do other than take NAMES in Call of Duty. So I decided to come on and give you a little snack-blog. If you enjoy watching basketball than you have to enjoy the resurgence of the Diesel, Shaquielle O'Neal. This season truly has been a complete turn around for the Shaqtus, further proving that when healthy hes probably the 2nd best big in the league (Dwight Howard). His PPG UP. Rebounds UP. Minutes UP. And now hes being called in to be the glue that holds the Suns together while they get healthy. Nash and Amare out and Alvin Gentry has made an extremely wise decision to run the offense through him. Don't be fooled by it though, the Suns still run.....and they run well. But if they don't have a good look after the break, they pull it out and literally throw the ball to Shaq and let him go to work. It's probably the most genius thing the Suns have done since letting Joe Johnson leave (Enter Sarcasm here.) On a serious note though, I don't see how the Suns can't make a playoff run using this offense. Let me ask you a question. Who can guard Shaq in the West? He just abused Pau Gasol for 35 minutes last night. No way anyone on Utah, Portland (Greg your always hurt), Dallas, New Orleans can guard him. The only one is Yao, and Shaq has had a history of going to town on Yao.

Now Shaq claims that he never went anywhere and his game was always this good, and he was just hurt the past 2 years. Comon Shaq, you were bunz the past 2 seasons. But now that your the team's main offensive weapon your putting up gaudy numbers.

I played guard so I can't get THAT excited over a big man, but seeing Shaq rejuvenated is definitely a pretty sight for basketball in general. I know one thing, the Suns better make the playoffs, and they better get used to Shaq being the main weapon on that team, if so you could be seeing a late playoff run in Pheonix.


  1. tom, i take complete offense to this, i live in NC


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