Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time, Of the Year!!

Written By Tom DeRiggi

I'm sure your all wondering where I have been the past week, considering it's the most popular basketball week of the year, and yours truly's favorite week of the year...BY FAR. Well I'd like to thank my college education of getting in the way of me being able to come on here and give you all of my pre-tournament analysis. We're just going to pull a Jamie Foxx and....

Blame it on the A-a-a-a-a-a-a-academics...(thanks professors!)

Instead I'll just have to give you what I had on my brackets as interesting match-ups (trust me I don't cheat). I wanted to come on and save all of your brackets from picking inexplicable teams to advance, much like how everyone sees Oklahoma or Gonzaga going far. PLEASE....STOP... Your savior is here.

Let's start in the Midwest (otherwise known as the top left part of your bracket).
You're an idiot if: You have USC, Wake, OSU, or Morehead State winning. There's not a shot in hell that Morehead wins, i just threw that in for kicks, USC to inconsistent, Wake Forest has to be the most overrated team in the field of 65, and don't underestimate Siena, they can play.

You're a Genius if: You have Louisville, AZ, Siena, Cleve St, WV, BC, MSU winning. Everyone sleeping on AZ and BC, both teams are veteran and disciplined, and when it comes down to it, the cardinal rule of a lower seeded team: Trust the senior PG star. AKA Tyrese Rice. UPSET ALERT: Watch Robert Morris against MSU, I picked MSU because I don't have the testicular fortitude to take a 15 over a 2, but MSU does not impress me at all, hence their second round exit.

Sweet 16-Region winner: Louisville is the best team in the tournament right now, hands down. If you don't have them reaching the final four then you might need to drop out of every Face book Bracket Group that your in. AZ over Cleve St, WV will beat Kansas and BC takes out MSU, Louisville and WV regional final: Result: Louisville

Down to the West bracket (that makes no geographical sense when you read it)

You're an idiot if: You have California, Cornell, or Utah State. Weakest quarter of the bracket. Now most of this bracket played today so it's hard to call you an idiot when I know the results, so I'll call myself an idiot on BYU.
You're a Genius if: You have UCONN, A&M, Purdue, Wash, Marquette, Mizzou, Maryland, and Memphis. I had Maryland as the first upset of the day, so obvious. Memphis gave us quite a scare but Calipari chewed them out at halftime and they rallied. Purdue and Washington look solid, boring, but solid.

Sweet 16-Region Winner: Game of the tournament is going to be Missouri vs Memphis. OMG can you say Fast-Break. Seriously we might see 90 from both teams. Ultimately I think Memphis has more play makers. Uconn vs Purdue was my toughest call of the tournament but I went with my Big East bias until the region championship. Region Winner: Memphis

Now we're going North to the East (I got you allllllllll F'ed up with these directions)

You're an idiot if: You have Wisconsin, UCLA, or Minnesota winning. The Upset Du jour of the tournament is VCU, and its getting me worried because EVERYONE has them, and that may motivate UCLA. But I'm sticking to my cardinal rule of the first round, trust the Senior star PG, Eric Maynor.
You're a Genius if: You have Pitt, OKST, FlA ST, X, Nova, TX, and Duke. Pretty standard bracket. Only one upset. Please people do NOT take Wisconsin, they couldn't score 40 on my Summer league team.

Sweet 16-Regional Championship: I think Pitt skates into the elite 8 but a sneaky VCU team finds a way to get by Nova and then Duke. Much like the George Mason run, however this ones ending a round too early, Pitt beats VCU. Region Winner: Pitt

The Final Region (actually in the proper location, the South-Bottom of the bracket)

You're an Idiot If: You have Radford, Illinois, Temple, or Michigan winning. I just threw Radford in their for S&G's (totally stole that from my professor). I'm telling you people please cross out your bracket before it's too late, and pencil in W Kentucky. Or don't so i can say I told you so. Clemson LOOKED like a lock until they lost today, so yes I'm an idiot.
You're a Genius If: You have UNC, WK, Zags, Cuse, AZ ST, and OK winning. AND if you have W Kentucky in the sweet 16, sorry Zags.

Sweet 16-Regional Championship: I think Lawson gets healthy by this point, and they go up against a feisty W Kentucky team but UNC is too much, and then Syracuse guard play gets them by Oklahoma, but not by Psycho T and the gang. Region Winner: UNC

So now the Final Four:
Louisville vs. Memphis. Another exciting game, going to be press, traps, fast breaks, layups, dunks, everything exciting in basketball. But in the end I think Louisville's pressure is too much for the young guards of Memphis. AND Louisville is in the championship game.

Pitt vs. UNC. Time for the Big East to flex their muscles (I'm talking to you Dajuan Blair). But I just think that Tyler Hansboroughogouhgruougrhough is on a mission and Pitt seems down lately, UNC advances

ANNNDDDDD Your Championship:
Louisville meets UNC. Pressure D meets High Octane Offense. On Paper, UNC wins this game 9 out of 10 times. But that's why they play the game. The key to the entire tournament is Louisville's full court pressure defense. I really don't think I could get the ball across half court against them. It's really just insane. Louisville pulls out a nail biter, me on this one. Rick Pitino is due.

So whenever you just want to give me credit for winning your office pool, I accept MLA format on the citation and Paypal, Debit/Credit Cards. Thank You in Advance!!

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  1. d rigg--

    i think your blog is great. i really enjoy how you break it down with "your a genius if" and your an idiot if". what bugged me was you have improper usage of "your" the correct conjunction you are should be using is "you're" to join the two words 'you' and 'are'....

    good luck on your picks!

    <3 sherno


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