Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Got a SWEET Tooth for March

Written By Tom DeRiggi

Disclaimer: I have no idea who those girls are in that picture, but I figured it was fitting for the round we're in, in the NCAA tournament. ;)


I couldn't possibly think of another topic to write on other than the NCAA tournament, it's basically too impossible to talk about anything else, although I am impressed with the Phoenix Suns 6 game win streak, WBC's lack of public appeal/the US sucking again, this notion that Derek Jeter can't play shortstop anymore because he made 1 error in 1 game, Alex Ovechkin trying to make hockey interesting with his WACK celebration, Shaq and Lebron's ongoing pre-game theatrics, or even my Crush on Obama (<<--That video is hysterical. HaHaha). But instead of feasting on those tidbits....I'll just stick with the Sweet 16. K? K.

Let's start off with last week's article I posted. Hopefully I saved many of you from making inexplicable picks, hopefully you all got the memo about Western Kentucky, Siena, Arizona, and Cleveland State in time. Yea....I'll give my self a pat on the back for Cleveland State....Yea. Anyway, I'm not doing too bad in my brackets but considering I had VCU in the elite 8, it doesn't bode well for my chances in the long run. Anyhow, let's get to the Sweet 16...

In the Midwest we have Louisville against Arizona and Kansas against Michigan State. I hate Michigan State. I'll just go on record and saying it, I don't know how they win....It's really mind bottling (you know, when your mind is juggled up like in a bottle....Comon' people, Blades of Glory). I really like Kansas in that game, they seem to be coming on later in the season and their young guys are producing, so Kansas over Michigan State. As far as the Louisville game, I don't see how Arizona wins, even though they have loads of talent, Louisville just brings too much pressure.

In the West we have Uconn vs Purdue and Missouri vs Memphis. Does this new Uconn recruiting probe affect the game? Coaching Staff? Players? We'll see but I don't think Purdue wins this, when in doubt go by this rule....Big East vs Big Ten...always take a Big East team because the Big Ten is so horrible to watch, it makes me want to quit basketball. Memphis and Missouri is going to be the game of the tournament, just mark it down right now. It's going to be awesome in so many ways,...Fast Break, Press and Trap, Dunks,'s got everything you can possibly want. I think Memphis just has an edge in talent and they're going to squeak by Missouri in this game 145-144. (Just kidding but we seriously might see 100s in this game)

I'll run down the East and South pretty quick considering I should've left for class after the Obama video.

The East has Pitt/Xavier and Villanova/Duke. I think Pitt is too much for Xavier and Xavier's guards don't impress me at all, and I'm a Big East homer. Villanova/Duke is probably the toughest call of all these games. Duke seems like they have a formula for winning now with Scheyer at the point but you just don't know when Scotty Reynolds will go off for 30...AHHH I'm going Duke. They seem more complete to me.

And lastly, the South. UNC /Gonzaga and Syracuse/Oklahoma. Sorry Zags but Ty Lawson is healthy, and when he's healthy they're the best team in basketball. UNC over the Zags big. Like possibly 25 points big. Syracuse/Oklahoma is the other game I wanted to peep because I love Jonny Flynn ad Syracuse. They're just fun to watch. No one can guard Blake Griffin, but then no one can guard Jonny Flynn. I'll take Syracuse by the hair on their chinny chin chin.


  1. Nice picks last week. And not to steal your thunder, but mind bottling is from Blades of Glory. Close, though.

  2. Damn I could have sworn that was Anchorman, I get every Will ferrel movie mixed up they're all the same

  3. good looks on the memphis score


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