Monday, January 26, 2009

Manny being Man-NY

Written by TDERIGG2

I was watching ESPN's first take this morning, (I usually don't because Skip Bayless might be clinically retarded) and one of the topics came on about Manny Ramirez. The topic was basically about why he hasn't been signed, and what is taking so long for teams to pursue Manny. The teams that they mentioned were: Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets. For once in my life I couldn't agree more with ESPN and with what Skip (gulp) had to say. But then it got me thinking....why in the world haven't my New York Yankees pursued him AT ALL. Think about it. They've already spent 400 million dollars this summer, their money is obviously limitless. (considering YES network is in the billions of dollars range)

So what is another 75-80 million for 3 years?? Yes its a lot of money to commit to a player who has had problems with his teams in the past, is often a distraction, and sometimes is criticized for playing lazy. But he is hands down, the best hitter in the game today, and probably will be for the next 2 years. So why not Hal? Hank? George?..(wait, who's running the Yankees again?)

The signs are blatantly obvious that the Yanks should go after him. They just built a mammoth new stadium that no normal-income person can afford to go to. They are assembling the teams wealthiest players in the game. Manny is FROOOMMMMM........NY. He could be dominant in this lineup surrounded by A-Rod, Texiera, Jeter. The reasons are endless to sign Manny, forget the fact that he absolutely killed the Yankees AT Yankee stadium for years (Ooops, there's another reason!)

Let me ask you this....How do you pitch to this lineup?...

1. Damon
2. Jeter
3. M. Ramirez
4. A-Rod
5. Teixeira
6. Posada
7. Nady
8. Matsui
9. Cano

...Are you serious?..Robinson Cano is batting NINTH!! You have the Dominican Republic's two best hitters batting in one lineup 3 and 4 ( deserve a Monday Night Countdown's....COMOONNNN MANNNN.....what are you trying to prove playing for the DR? I mean really)

Maybe I'm just crazy but I'm pretty sure that lineup is murderer's row and the Yankees should try and do everything they can to try and get Manny to NY...Maybe we can get President Obama to help us out, he seems to be a monster sports fan...



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