Sunday, January 18, 2009

Greatest sport known to man!

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Like my partner in chit-chat sports, I too have taken some time off to digest this remarkable sport season that is at hand. Yes I am a die hard Florida fan, and no I will not marry Tim Tebow. However, I will arrange a meeting between him an my girlfriend so that way she can get pregnant and give birth to the greatest athlete ever which will be raised by myself (I digress). The title of this article is in reference to the great game of football. Whether college or professional, football is truly America's game. And after witnessing the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC championship game, I can truly say that miracles do happen.
This past college season was spectacular regardless whether or not you want to crown the Gators as National champ (which they are and I couldn't be happier about). This past season hopefully opened the eyes of college presidents for the need of a playoff system. Would Florida still be champs if there was one in place? I;m not sure. What I can say is that they would have a heck of a chance and I'm positive that USC would be right there in the mix. Which brings me to next season. Stafford and Knowshown are entering the draft as they should. I would've counted Georgia out of championship conversation even if they did return. How bout the rest of the field. Tebow, Bradford and McCoy all return for another season which could leave for an even crazier Big 12 finish than this year. By Tebow returning (and not to mention Spikes who is the catalyst of the Defense) Florida is sure to be the favorite even with the departure of the dynamic Percy Harvin ( I will buy his jersey when he gets drafted by the Bears, yes I'm calling it now). So who will win the Heisman? Bradford as Greshman returning who had a huge championship game (which I called and nobody listened), McCoy is going to be solid again, and let's face it; Tim Tebow might be the second son of God if God played football. I'll pick Conference winners right now so everyone can say what a genius I am when it happens a year from now;

SEC-Florida. There too strong and they will finish with a loss but will prevail in the end)

Pac 10-USC. Let's face it, The Pac 10 is horrible and USC is an NFL factory. Oregon will beat them)

Big East- Cincinnati. This was a tough one for me. With the top rusher in the FBS leaving UCONN and West Virgina losing their QB I have no other choice but to pick Cincy. Look out for freshman Tahj Boyd at WV, he could be freshman of the year.

ACC- Florida State. As much as it pains me to say this, I think their the team to beat. The ACC has so much young Talent and along with Miami I think Florida state returns to a BCS game

Big 10-Ohio St. This is the worst Conference in College Football and other than Florida St, I despise Ohio St more than any other team. Its just that the Big 10 is so bad and Tyrell Pryor will be dominant in such a bad league that I have no choice but to pick them.

As for every other Conference, who cares. Its always the same handful of teams that never surprise you and always win. Utah will be dominant again but will lose to BYU. Boise St will win the WAC because, well, I can't even name another team in the WAC. And TCU will win Conference USA because they will have another stellar defense. Oh and Notre Dame will have an 8 win season and be ranked in the top 25 but that's only because they're Notre Dame which is ridiculous.
As for the NFL, my co-writer had it right when he said this was the craziest season ever. All I can say is wow! Who would of ever thought that the Arizona Cardinals would be in the Super Bowl. They haven't won a championship in 61 years. All I can say is that I'm pulling for them because as a 49er fan (die hard I must add) the NFC West gets no respect, so it's great to see a fellow division team in the big game. Larry Fitzgerald is the next Jerry Rice but more athletic which is scary. The guy has fly paper for hands, he catches everything. On the other side we have the Steelers. I was pulling for the Ravens and actually picked them to win it all as soon as I knew they were in the playoffs. But because of injuries and the fact that they haven't had a week off since week 2, the Steelers prevailed and now have a chance to pass my beloved 49ers (T-DeRiggi's wretched Cowboys) for the most Super Bowl wins of all time. My prediction, Cardinals 31-24. It seems crazy but I think the Cards D will find a way to fix their defensive problems in the second half and come out on top. Tim Hightower will be Superbowl MVP rushing for 68 and a TD and catching for 100 which includes a 55 yard screen pass for the go-ahead TD. Yes I'm that accurate and don't be surprised if I'm right.

The game of football captures the attentions of Americans all over the country and the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. It's a game that any Sunday, any team, any where has a chance to reign supreme. which is why I'll end this by stating the San Francisco 49ers will win it all next year.

Any given Sunday, hey you never know.

Written By ShowtimeZacc

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