Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Crazy Thing Called....the NFL

As I got up this morning and thought about actually getting to this keyboard to write the second article for ChitChatSports, I began to ponder about the National Football League. And I thought to myself....The NFL is really the craziest collection of Teams, Athletes, Coaches, Fans, and anyone else who is associated with it, more so than any other sport in our nation. Every week there are story lines upon story lines of games, events, and crazy things that happen. Lets start here at week 14. Wait, we really already played 14 weeks of games??, wow we need a longer season (cough) Roger Gidell (cough). 14 weeks in and we have two 11-1 teams, an 0-12 team and about 657 playoff contenders that make up the rest of the league. The Lions will not win a game this year, the Titans might only lose 1, and then there are the Giants. I am a DIEHARD Dallas Cowboy's fan and it pains me to praise the G-men, but they are beyond legit. They demiolish any challenge that faces them, and now there best skill player just shot himself in a bar....and they STILL go out and put a whoopin on teams.

(By the way, Plax....i mean really, you get paid millions and millions of dollars to go catch passes, while some of us are here writing blogs trying to get noticed...oops...and you still mess up your career. I'll never understand athletes who just screw up everything they've been graced with, and now Chedda-Plax, as I like to call him now, your career is basically over because your looking at a minimum 3 1/2 years. This is the NFL though. And I Digress...)

The Giants have the most focused locker room by far in the NFL, and you can see it when they play on Sundays, just a great football team.

This season might also go down as the most non-stereotypical season in NFL history. Let's start with 4 rookie coaches...ROOKIE coaches...have records of 8-4 (Mike Smith ATL), 8-4 (Jim Harbaugh BAL), 7-5( Tony Sparano MIA), and 7-5(Jim Zorn, WASH.) On top of those four teams, 2 ROOKIE QUARTERBACKS in Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco (Jersey Stand UP!!) are 8-4 and look like they both could have been playing in this league for 5-6 years.

Too add more fuel to the crazy fire that is the NFL, road teams are winning more n more games this year, home field advantage is becoming irrelevant in most games. The past three weeks there have been 16 games each week, and in each week 11+ road teams wound up beating the home teams. This phenomenon hasn't just been the past three weeks, every week there are handfuls of road teams winning more and more, allowing to have us make an argument wether or not home field is that relevant anymore.

Continuing the craziness, Pac-Man Jones is still playing in the NFL....wait what?...Yes. Pacman is suiting up next week for my Dallas Cowboys, when in reality he should be suiting up for UPS somewhere. I mean really how is he still playing?! Speaking of my Cowboys, is there a weirder team in the NFL ever? I mean really. How do you go from Superbowl darling picks, HBO Hardknocks, loaded with talent...to non-playoff team, possible head coach firing and all hell breaking loose...and now are back in the playoff hunt. On top of that in one week they: Lose Tony Romo for three weeks, Lose Pacman Jones for 6 games, trade their first round pick for Roy E. Williams, and lose 4 Pro-Bowlers in all...in one week....its no wonder im going crazy.

All in All, as long as I've been watching the NFL, there has defintely never been a more crazy, weird season. And we might not have one like this for a long time....

Written by TDERIGG2

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