Wednesday, December 3, 2008

College Football Anyone?

First I'd like to start off by stating that the article "time for a change" was written by yours truly showtimezacc. I don't want anyone to get confused and think that I am a fan of my boy TDeriggi America's most hated team, the Dallas Cowboys.

To stick with the topic at hand..........College Football might be just as crazy as Pro football in a sense that..................IT'S CRAZY! I mean come on, a three way tie for first in the Big 12, Cincinnati has a BCS bowl game on the horizon (yes, that says Cincinnati), two undefeated non BCS teams, and let's not forget my beloved SEC with my beloved Gators which if they win, there is talk that they still might not play in the big game...........WHAT! Let's talk about this for a second. Granted i respect the Big 12, I like how the Big 12 South is playing and i feel that one of those teams need to be placed in the North because Texas and Oklahoma should be the Big 12 championship game every year........but I digress. Every team in the Big 12 lights it up verse each other and Oklahoma who has averaged 60+ points in the past 4 games is no exception. The Sooners D however, has let up about 30 points a game and that may not seem like much when your throwin up 60, it's gonna matter when they play against the SEC winner who's D is only giving up 11 (Bama) and 12 points (Gators) respectively. The Big 12 needs to start playing some D if they want to be seriously considered as "contenders" in the Big game.

This brings me back to the thought of playoffs. If there was a playoff, USC, as much as it pains me to say it would win it all. They get a bad rap because they play in the second worst conference (the Big 10 being the worst) in College Football. They have the best D in the country and lets not's USC. A playoff is the only true way to determine who would be College Football's true champ

(By the way, Mike Leetch why are you going to coach Washington which is one of the worst teams in College football? That is just ridiculous. Stay at Tech where you already built a good program and have good recruits coming in just because Mike Leetch is the coach. Tommy Tuberville.....why are you fired. Oh it's probably because your team has been horrible playing the past couple of years. And lets not forget the biggest story.....Lane Kiffin to coach the Vols. As a Gator fan I am extremly terrified of this and his dad Monte (the D coordinator for the Tampa Bay Bucs) is coming with him. In a couple years The Vols will be a team to reckon with, as much as I hate to say it.)

College Football is nuts. I'm sure after this weekend's games I'll have another post on here that says Missouri won the Big 12 and Ball State is going to the Big Game.......................PSYCH!

Written by ShowtimeZacc

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