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CCS First Annual "If We Had A Playoff System" for 2009

Wait, is that a Playoff Bracket?? Hold on, with NCAA Football teams in it?? Thats Right, welcome to the Chit Chat Sports first annual, "If We Had A Playoff System in College Football" for the 2008-2009 season. Brace yourselves, get ready for the best, most sophisticated way to solve who the true College football champion should be. Now everyone keep this quiet because we don't want the BCS committee to see this...they might get lets go....

Now not to get the BCS all rattle up, we still used their system and their rankings to put in the top 12 teams in the country. (Cmon' BCS we're compromising here) So the seeds look like this: 1) Oklahoma, 2) Florida, 3) Texas, 4) Alabama, 5) USC, 6)Utah, 7)Texas Tech, 8) Penn State, 9) Boise State, 10) Ohio State, 11) TCU, and 12) Cincinnati. What I did was give the top 4 seeds in the BCS a bye, which they rightfully deserve making it through the completely flawed BCS rankings (oops). Then the 5-12 rankings I have arranged in a bracket much like the NCAA Basketball Bracket is arranged. The 5 will play the 12, 6 plays the 11, 7 plays 10, and 8 and 9 square off. The 1 and 3 seeds are on the West side (little different then most commonly seen) and the 2 and 4 are on the East side.

Now as far as scheduling goes, these playoffs would be started one week after all the conference championship games have finished. So this year the CCS (Chit Chat Sports) playoffs would begin on December 13th, 2nd round is played on the 20th, final four is played on the 27th and then the Championship game is played two weeks from the final four, in that inbetween week the Rose, Sugar, and Orange Bowl are all played. (I'll explain later)

To keep the integrity of the Bowls alive, I have designed a way for them to keep their BCS bowls. Obviously the final two play in the National Championship. Then the two losing teams from the Final Four square off in the Rose Bowl. The 4 teams that are left not playing from the elite 8 get matched up in the Sugar and Orange Bowl, for now lets say the West bracket gets the Sugar Bowl, and the East bracket gets the Orange Bowl. That leaves 4 teams that are left from the playoffs. The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl then selects out of those 4 losing teams, which two they would like to see in their bowl. And the remaining two teams play in the Capital One bowl, or the next highest bowl game. Every year the BCS bowls will rotate their 4 other bowl games so they can have an equal shot at different teams.

Enough with the business aspects lets get into the games. Im going to use the bracket i have predicted above because thats how I feel it would play out.

First Round Matchups:
5 Usc vs 12 Cincinnati - USC is a juggernaut and they always slip up in the middle of the year, but year in and year out they are the most talented team in College Football. Cincy is no slouch, me being a big East fan have seen them all year, however they do not have enough weapons to beat USC. USC 31-10

8 Penn State vs 9 Boise State - Penn State missed their chance at the National Title this year but thanks to A PLAYOFF they're back in it. Boise State remains undefeated at this point but I don't think they have enough to outscore that Penn State Offense. Penn State 34-21

7 Texas Tech vs 10 Ohio State - I don't think OSU could have drawn a worse matchup for themselves, T Techs spread offense is going to bother that overrated OSU defense all night. The one positive is that Tyrelle Pryor should have a field day against the T Tech defense, but I dont think they have enough to out score Texas Tech, matchup to watch Wr Michael Crabtree vs CB Michael Jenkins. Texas Tech 43 - 28

6 Utah vs 11 TCU - Opposite from the OSU drawing the worst matchup, Utah draws the best possible matchup for them. Playing, in my opinion, the least talented team in the Tournament, I think Utah shows they are not a fluke. Utah 24-13

Elite Eight Matchups:
1 Oklahoma vs 8 Penn State - My knock on the Big Ten is that they dont get challenged enough by a variety of offenses....Well PSU here is your challenge. Penn State has NEVER faced an offense like this one, and quite frankly I dont think anyone has. Oklahoma has scored 60 points in 6 straight games. They wont get to 60 but I dont see Penn State making this close at all. Oklahoma 45-21

3 Texas vs 5 USC - Game of the second round, by far. Texas, who got nudged out of the Big 12 Championship could quite possibly be the best team in the country, and have a potential Heisman Trophy winner QB in Colt McCoy. However Texas is going to run into the wrong team at the wrong time because in a tournament you need to have an experienced leader, and Pete Carroll coming from the NFL knows what it takes to play in a playoff type system. I think the game goes to Overtime but USC finds a way to win in dramatic fashion, in potential Game of the Year. USC 37-31

2 Florida vs 7 Texas tech - Well you wanted offense?? Spread vs Spread, Fireworks vs Fireworks, Tebow vs Harrell, Harvin vs Crabtree. All the stars align in this game, and in the highest scoring game of the year. I think Texas Tech takes an early lead and Gator nation is in doubt. But Florida has a guy named Tim Tebow...and he tends not to lose big games. Gators storm back late and take the Victory. Florida 42-37

4 Alabama vs 6 Utah - Utah your unbelievable undefeated run, and terrific play....ends here. I'm sorry, there is no way that Utah beats an already tested one loss Alabama team. Alabama pounds the rock all game and just wears down Utah with their offensive line. Alabama 21-3

Final Four Matchups:
1 Oklahoma vs 5 USC - Like I said before, in a tournament of this magnitude, you need someone who has experienced it before, and that is Pete Carrol. Granted the Oklahoma offense is unreal, they haven't faced this USC defense, which might be the best in college football in a very long time. They are quick, they are deceptive and they are vicious. Oklahoma puts up there points but no where near what they've put up all season. USC 28-24

2 Florida vs 4 Alabama - A rematch of the SEC Championship game, which was a great game in it's own right. Some may think that Alabama sees them a second time and they make adjustments, but I actually think the adjustments are made in Florida's corner, they double Julio Jones the whole game, and then play the run with the rest of their defense because thats Alabama's strength is that run game. Tebow does not lose, as he said earlier this year, and I don't know how you doubt the kid, he makes play after play after play. Florida 27-16

National Championship Game:

5 USC vs 2 Florida - USC already upsets the number 1 and 3 seed, and most people think you might see a let down here. Florida has just been solid in all of their playoff wins, riding Tim Tebow to the big game. (P.S. Tebow wins the Heisman the week earlier, providing a little motivation for USC) USC defense hassels Tim Tebow all game, but Tebow being the fighter he is finds a way to move the ball and get his team in the endzone, but the silver lining in this game is Mark Sanchez. This game is his coming out party, Pete Carrol designs ways to beat the speedy Florida defense and USC is your ultimate champion. USC 31-28

Phewww, I'm glad thats over with, now if we could just get the BCS commisioner to check out this system, College Football might become more popular than the NFL.

Written by TDERIGG2

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