Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Hits from Week 16

Time for some quick hits from this weekends games as playoff scenarios start to become clearer...

- Peyton Manning may have cemented his place as the winner of the 2008-09 MVP of this league...basically because no one else will step up and claim the MVP themselves (see: Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson)

- My Dallas Cowboys really laid an egg Saturday night in the last game at Texas Stadium. Everyone will be on Romo all week, but the truth is he brought us back in the 4th quarter of that game, much like he does most of the time...but the media will always remember the bad, never the good. (By the way, Dallas D', way to show up in the last 3 minutes of that game. Just utterly pathetic.)

- Are the Arizona Cardinals serious? I mean, I understand the weather and they have no run game and all they have is that passing attack, and it was tough to pass in that weather. But..umm...Matt Cassel threw for 356 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Cardinals do not deserve to be in the playoffs, but thanks to the worst division maybe ever, they'll be playing in the tournament.

- Detroit. 0-15. Statistically they are the worst defense in 50 years. Not much more needed to be said.

- Pittsburgh finally stumbles to a good team, I personally think Pittsburgh has been getting a little bit lucky the past 3 weeks, but if they cant move the ball in the playoffs they will get beat, early...

- AFC East is basically the stock market. Miami Up, New England Up, Jets Down...Jets really hurting themselves this weekend losing to an 11 loss team in Seattle, Brett Favre still the savior in New York? Miami has 10 wins and you can't name one receiver on they're team other then Tedd Ginn Jr. Meanwhile the Jets are sending Broadway Brett and 6 others to the pro bowl and could possibly not make the playoffs. Really an incredible job by Tony Sporano and Bill Parcells, Chad Pennington MVP anyone?

- AFC West is going to have a playoff representative, unfortunately. They will be 8-8. They will be inconsistent. They will be heavy underdogs whoever they face in the playoffs. Ladies n Gentlemen, Sunday Night...Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers for the AFC West Division!!!

- Philly losing realllllllllllllllllllllly helps the Cowboys and Tampa Bay in their quest for the wild card slot. Playoff teams can not score 3 points against the Redskins. Consider this an early prediction for next weeks Dallas vs Philly game, Eagles miss the playoffs.

- 15 carries 216 yards, 24 carries 87 yards, 3 TDs.....300++ rushing yards for the Giants on Sunday night. Dominating performance by a good team, Giants are back...Watch out

Now I need Donald Driver to outscore the Chicago defense in my fantasy championship tonight...Comon Babyyy....

Written By TDERIGG2

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