Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time for Change

So here it is, chit-chat sports up an running. This is the place where anything and everything is being discussed. So where to start. Baseball handed out some awards over the past week and a half........who cares? Not me that's for sure Dustine Pedroia won the AL MVP and Pujols won the NL. Pujols played this year? What place did his team finished. Pedroia wasn't even the best player on that team. Youklis came up clutch when it mattered more and again....who cares. Unless the Cubs win the World Series baseball is in more of a disaster than the economy. Memo to Bud Selig: Chill out on the steroids controversy and worry about a team winning the World Series that people care about other than the city of Philadelphia where the dumbest people in the world are allowed to play professional sports (thanks Donavan McNabb for making yourself look like a jerk on National TV for something other than your horrible play on the field. What's next, do you also think if the Superbowl ends in a tie, the team with the better mascot wins?)
Next I wanna discuss something that's been a buzz lately.....COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Yea, now that President-Elect Obama is in a favor of a playoff maybe will get one..........PSYCH. Come on Mr President, too much money is being thrown around to give up on Bowl games. I wanna see a playoff, you wanna see it, and so does 95% of sane College Football. The unfortunate thing is Stupid People that run certain Conferences which I won't mention (Big 12 whoops) won't ever vote for a playoff. I'm interested in seeing what can be done from a man who has the love an support of the most influential Person in the U.S.A. That's right, I'm talking about Oprah. Next I wanna discuss Texas Tech.......Big Deal. OK, so yea Grahm Harell is a Heisman Trophy Candidate, and yea Michael Crabtree is not even remotely close to human, and yea They have one of the best offense's in the NCAA, but again Big Deal. I can't wait until they go into Sooner Country and get smashed and then I can make fun of that lineman who wears all the makeup (I would never say that to his face, I hear he eats children and bench presses Geo Metros). They have had the advantage of playing two huge games at home (Texas & Oklahoma St) where in College football it's a huge advantage (unless you sleep on a team Florida v Ole Miss). They use the spread offense which let's face it, in the Big 12 is unstoppable because they don't have the athletes that the SEC does (here come the boo birds). Steve Spurrier, the king of the spread, said the most exciting offense in the country and the one he looks forward to watching the most is Texas Tech. Gee, I wonder why Steve. Is it because you love their toughness, or maybe its because they run the same exact O you ran while coaching at Florida. If Texas Tech does by some chance run the table they will get rocked by the Gators in the national Championship. Whew, there I said it. Texas Tech will be out matched by the speed and talent of the Gators and that "great O-line" of Texas Tech will not be able to keep up with the Blitz packages that Charlie strong will throw at them. The one major threat will be Crabtree because no one on Florida's D can match up with him one on one (Neither can anyone else on the planet). And as you may have noticed I already have Florida beating Bama in the SEC Championship. When Tim Tebow cry's at the end of a game and says he swears to God that they won't lose again......he means it. When Tim Tebow left that press conference he went over to God's house for Dinner and asked him specifically for help. The kid is a saint and a great leader. Florida by at least two touchdowns in the championship. And I'm Out.

Written by ShowtimeZacc

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