Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kobe "We're not losing this game" Bryant

For those waiting for a Kobe Bryant sighting in these 2009 NBA Playoffs...look no further...

I had been waiting all through the first round and the start of this second round for the Lakers, and mainly Kobe Bryant, to show me what all the fuss is about over their team. Deemed as the Western conference champions before the playoffs even started, they had played very lethargic, lackadaisical, and with no real sense of urgency. Hellooo??? This is the NBA Playoffs. The end of the road. And now the Lakers were playing with this swagger that did not warrant them the pre-conceived title of consensus "Western Conference Champs." However, last night that all changed.

This all changed because one player, arguably the world's best player, decided it was time to start playing Kobe-basketball. Last night Kobe Bryant decided that he was going into "We're Not Losing this Game" mode. Mr. Bryant dropped 40 points on the Houston Rockets last night in game 2, and it's not that we haven't seen him score like this in these playoffs before. It's the way that he was scoring that may have changed the fate of the rest of the western conference's competitors. Kobe was hitting fall aways, he was dunking, he was driving to the hoop, he hit threes, he hit leaning jump shots, he hit shots with Shane Battier playing the best defense you could have possibly played on an individual, hell he was even throwing himself passes to score. In a nutshell, Kobe was unguardable. Shane Battier is one of, if not, the best perimeter defenders in the league and couple that with Ron Artest who is another top tier defender, and Kobe still destroyed them last night.

In a game that saw 2 ejections, and roughly 3 or 4 technicals and flagrants Kobe kept his composure and just hit shot after shot after shot. Battier and Artest are both pit bulls, in the words of Kenny Smith of TNT. They are the perfect type of defender for guys like Kobe. They play physical, they make life hard on Kobe and other great scorers. However, last night is just further proof that a truly great scorer will ALWAYS beat impeccable defense. It's just the nature of the game. Battier, Artest and co. played impeccable defense on Kobe all game....yet they could not hold Kobe in check because he just knows how to will his team to victory. He scores when he has too, he facilitates when he has too, and when it's time to get a must win...(and this kills me because I have a man-crush on Lebron) Kobe is your guy to get that win.


I'm going to try a new segment that I know some of my friends will appreciate. I am an avid Hip-Hop fan and listen to new music daily. So I'm going to start throwing up some of my favorite lines of current songs and some all-time greats. So if you enjoy hip-hop you might enjoy this part of the segment. Haven't thought of the name yet, but I'll just peep Baseball Tonight's swag and call it America's favorite running segment.

This is off the new Jadakiss Album on the song called "What If"

"What if B.I.G. missed the party, what if 'Pac missed the fight?
What if you was caged in?
What would you change then?
What if there was no Rocafella law for +Made Men+?
What if hate ran through me?
And what if Portland
Would've drafted Jordan
Instead of Sam Bowie? <---------WOWWW _________________________________________________________

Just a quick wrap-up of my opinion of the playoffs so far. How odd was the Hawks-Heat series? I mean seriously, every game was won by more than 10 points but it went 7 games. Dywane Wade tanked that game because he didn't want to get embarrassed by the Cleveland Lebrons.

I was really pulling for the Bulls man, I wanted my Bulls to be back but they'll have to wait till next year. I'm already giddy at the fact that they might actually play small ball and run THE ENTIRE YEAR next year instead of just the playoffs.

Denver is on an absolute tear. They do everything. They have guys that can score, defend, rebound, play physical, get in your face, provide energy, and most of all they have a bonafide leader in Chauncey Billups. I don't know how I missed on them when I was predicting the playoffs...they are dirty.


Breaking news as I was writing this: Manny Ramirez suspended 50 games for taking PED's. I may or may not write on this, considering I hate writing about steroids. Stay tuned.


  1. Denver looks great, and kind of flew under the radar throughout the season. I think they have the complete team that can upset the Lakers, if the Lakers can push past the Rockets (which I'm not 100% convinced of either).

  2. Have I explained to you that I know NOTHING about basketball, and that I've learned more from this blog in the last 3 months than from my dad in 30 years? I watch the video clips; I Google the terms I don't know; I asked people to explain how the NFL draft works to me. I'm, like, a fake-o sports fan all of a sudden and I HATE sports.

    But I'm also a writer, and I think that maybe - juuuuust maybe - the hip-hop lyrics might be pushing it. ::wink::

  3. hahahah...just trying to see how far i can push it...keep readin!


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