Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love Game 7s

Since Chit-Chat Sports just reached it's 1000th visitor, (Oh Yeah! we're doing big things) I was going to have a guest post on by one of my good friends, my boy Ski. But it seems that he wants to get the article he is writing to be absolutely perfect before he submits it to me. I told him that this is not a submission for the 2009 Pulitzer Prize, but I can understand that he wants to make his debut article a good one. First impressions are always the best, right? Maybe?

Oh Well anyway I decided that in order to give him more time before he loses his blogger-virginity, I would come on here and give you a preview of my favorite games of the NBA playoffs, or any playoffs for that matter (I caught myself watching the Boston Bruins game the other day, that's how much I love these games), and of course I'm talking about game 7s.

There is nothing more exciting in a playoff system then a game 7. They are specifically designed to make fans go insane, and make followers go crazy for them. Hell, they are even designed for unpopular bloggers to write articles on them, but I digress.

Today we are blessed to have two game 7s in the greatest sport every created (I'm biased). The first of these two NBA contests is between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Houston-less Rockets, as I'm calling them now do to their injuries, are missing their two best players and are still taking the western conference darlings to 7 games. But I have sad news for the Houston Rockets.....we could be in for a 50 point game from Kobe Bryant. Kobe is due, and I just have this feeling that he might absolutely erupt for 50 tonight in front of LA's finest actors/actresses/musicians/celebrities and he'll be claimed the world's best player tomorrow by every sports-talk show, blog, or column. But you know what? Chit-Chat Sports will not be one is better then Lebron James right now.

The game hinges on two factors...The Lakers Bench...and the Houston Rockets ability to hi the three ball. When the Lakers are firing on all cylinders, it is because EVERYONE is involved on both ends of the floor. When they stand around and let Kobe do his thing, they become stagnant and beatable. Houston HAS to hit shots tonight. It sounds simple and cliche but it is the truth. If Aaron Brooks is getting in the lane and creating things for Shane Battier and Ron Artest, those guys HAVE to knock down those shots for them to have any chance. They're getting by on emotion and hard work, but Game 7s are won with execution and defense. Very simple.

Prediction: Kobe goes for 55 and the Lakers win in Overtime. (By the way if this happens, I'll be in heaven...Overtime Game 7 comon!)

The second game pits the Orlando Magic trying to dethrone the reigning champ, Boston Celtics. This is the series that is so unpredictable because if Orlando would just give their best player the ball this series would be over 3 games ago. But of course they have one of the most overrated coaches in history, in Stan Van Gundy, and he decides to give the ball to Hedo Turkoglu in crunch time. Really Stan? Hedo has 1 MOVE!! Bill Simmons has been saying this for weeks, he has one move....step back 3 pointer. So please, Stan, give the ball to Rashard Lewis in crunch time. The guy is 6'10" and plays like a 2-guard. He is a mismatch from hell, so let him rock. Every team may need that inside force, but you need guards to win games for you. Dwight can't win a game for you, it has to come elsewhere.

Now if Ray Allen keeps shooting 16 percent from three point land, and Paul Peirce keeps running up and down the court like hes 67 years old, then they're going to be in for a long night. (Honestly though, how is Paul Peirce unguardable....he hits fall aways...he cant drive, just get up in his business....God I wish i was 6'8") The Celtics go as Rondo goes now. If he has a big game then chances are Celtics win.

Prediction: For some reason I have a feeling Orlando wins on the road...I know odds are they wont, but I feel like Dwight Howard's going to have one of those 35-24 type games.

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Of course I didn't forget America's Favorite Running Hip-Hop segment that doesn't have a name yet. This is off that new Drake single, Best I ever Had....really like this dude Drake.

"But money ain't the issue
They bring dinner to my room and ask me to initial
She call me the referee
Cause I be so official
My shirt ain't got no stripes but I can make yo p**** whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistle.

Had to put this one on too...still Drake but this is off his mixtape, this is called..Ransom feat. Lil Wayne

"Last place Drizzy is the n**** in the lead now
Weezy told me just write every single thing you need down
then he got it for me and I’m happy as can be now
bout to start ballin’ like I’m coming OFF A REBOUND!!

Expect Ski's guest article next. Enjoy the Game 7s!!


  1. Well so much for Lakers-Rockets overtime. Houston layed down and died. Kinda disappointing.

    And if Orlando doesn't finish this out, I'll be dissappointed. They shouldv'e won it like two games ago. And I agree, I don't know why we keep giving it to Tukoglu in clutch situations. I don't know...

  2. hey man, u were close on kobe, only 41 points off


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