Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Four Preview and The Biggest Baby in Professional Sports

Written By Tom DeRiggi

As promised I'm back in the nick-of-time to give you my Final Four preview/analysis to save you all from betting on inexplicable teams this weekend. We're going to keep the Final Four Preview a little shorter than I would like to but I have to get to the Chicago Bear's new-born BABY....

Final Four weekend is my favorite weekend of the year, by far. It's above Superbowl Sunday, The Master's/US Open, and even the weekend that my whole family heads up to Manasquan to stay at this sick ass house in which the whole night consists of my loud aunts and my mother singing karaoke to Carrie Underwood while my Uncles and my dad clamor about who's going to be the best NFL team this year....AND my cousins and I are out on the beach playing some sort of athletic event and probably hitting elderly people with Frisbees. (For the record...that might be the longest sentence I've ever written) Something about Final Four weekend just gets my juices flowing. There is so much build up, so much analysis, so much hype surrounding the four teams and now it's finally time for them to settle it on the court; it's also time for millions of people to lose out on millions of dollars in their brackets and/or bets they have this weekend.
So allow me to save you from losing a few hundred this weekend and make your weekend as enjoyable as mine will be....

The First game: 1) Connecticut vs 2) Michigan State

I'm still not exactly sure how Michigan State is still in the tournament. I'm the biggest hater in the world on the Big Ten. I just don't comprehend how you can teach such a BORING breed of basketball. It's just incredible. Let me ask you a question...How many big Ten teams have won the NCAA tournament in the past 20 years? The answer is 2.....2 TEAMS!!! It's unbelievable how people think Michigan State is even going to be close in this game. I honestly think that UCONN couldn't have picked a better team to play in that bracket, outside of the high teen seeds. UCONN is too big for Michigan State, has better guards then Michigan State, and plays better defense than Michigan State. On Paper that adds up to a UCONN victory. Everyone is talking about this home court advantage for Mich. St. but Jim Calhoun put that to rest perfectly...."The rim is still 10 feet high, foul line 15 feet away, and court is still 94 feet long." I have chills....UCONN by 10.

The second game: 3) Villanova vs 1) North Carolina

Allow me to steal a line from Chris Berman on Sunday NFL Countdown.....



I know it's an absolute long shot. I think Las Vegas has them at 5-1 to win the Championship, but hear me out...No one in the Final Four plays defense like Villanova does. They have been tested all season by the best teams in the country, and just won the game of the tournament, so the big game atmosphere doesn't phase them. Aside from my cardinal rule of the first round in which I always trust a senior star point guard on a lower seeded team, I have a rule for the final four...Trust the team with guards who know how to win games....and then you sayyyyy....DUHHHH Ty Lawson...and then I slap you in the face then say...DUHHHHH Scotty Reynolds, Cory Fischer, Reggie Redding...I don't know why but I think they have enough to keep Lawson in check and they play enough help side defense that Hansborough is going to have a tough time in the lane. I'm calling it now....UPSET ALERT Villanova takes down UNC and your looking at an all Big East final.

Championship game pick coming Sunday Night:


Now on to the Chicago Bears. Congratulations on your new born BABY!! And by baby I mean the biggest baby in the history of the NFL Mr. Jay Cutler. You have to be the biggest cry-baby sore loser I have ever seen in my life. So what your coach tried to get another QB in who he was familiar with, big deal that's the business. Look at what Parcells and Belichek have done in their careers to be successful, they've brought in their guys to play for them. And Then Jay Cutler decides that he wants to completely leave one of the better fan bases in the league, a top 5 wide receiver and a potential top 10 future wide receiver, and a GENIUS as a head coach in terms of offensive coordination. Granted your only 25, you need some growing up to do...WAKE UP Jay, not everyone worships the ground you walk on in the NFL so deal with it...Now your on too Chicago, where Devin Hester is your number 1 receiver.......Yikes...Good luck with that....BABY

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