Friday, April 24, 2009

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Let me start by saying that I am in no way shape or form, down with Bret Michaels or Poison. I just thought that it was a fitting title to what I'm about to explain. Over the past week something funny has happened and I can't really explain it. The first game of the NBA Playoffs happened last Saturday starting off with the Boston Celtics at home against the Chicago Bulls. We got to witness maybe the best performance EVER by a rookie in his first playoff game. Mr. Derrick Rose poured in 36 in an overtime thriller and led the offense like he had been in the league for 10 years. It was kinda like when Britney Spears first came up and started hitting me baby, one more time. She was the young diva and she led the pop industry for years. (Probably a bad example but work with me). Let me be the first to say that I absolutely have a man-crush on Derrick Rose and his game. I think he's the next great point guard along the lines of Oscar, Magic, Stockton, Nash, Paul. So take this with a little grain of salt but.....why all of the attention after ONE game? When I tell you that EVERYONE, was on the Derrick Rose bang wagon after that game, I literally mean EVERYONE.

So something funny happened after the 2nd and 3rd games, that we may have never seen before....

All that Hype and Obsession over Mr. Rose just disappeared.

There's probably a reason for that, being as he's played way less than his first game performance should indicate him playing. But even so, the hype usually stays around longer than the actual game does. But this one is fading so quick. I can't remember someone with so much hype after ONE game.....and then just loses it in a matter of a week. Last night's game was an absolute smack in the face for Mr. Rose. In fact I'm not even going to call him Mr. Rose because he's younger than me (That irks me a little...) The Celtics have figured out how to frustrate him and make him commit turnovers (7 last game) and take challenged shots.

Derrick Rose is going to be one of the finest point guards, maybe, that we've ever seen. But right now he's learning that it's not always going to be as easy as game 1. But this is when true greatness comes out in players, and we will be able to tell how Rose's playoff career will be. The way that he responds from these rough games should say a lot about him. But for now....he's going to have to learn.


Just a little preface to this weekend's NFL draft....

First and foremost, my boy Donald Brown is slated to get drafted in the first round. (RB, UCONN, Currently Number 3 on Mel Kiper's Board for RBs) Make sure you guys check him out, dude is the truth.

Lions are retarded if they don't draft a QB. However, I'm not sold on Stafford...but we'll see.

My Cowboys don't have a first round pick so I'm not even remotely excited for this draft like I usually am...If Donald wasn't in it I might not even watch the first round....I'd probably be out enjoying this beautiful Toms River weather baby.....But instead I'm going to have to sit around for 3 hours and wait till I hear my boy's name get called....WTF Donnie.


Everyone needs to cop Asher Roth's album for real. The kid is insane, and he went to school at West Chester which is sort of a rival for my old school ESU. Kid is seriously dope check him out.

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