Saturday, July 11, 2009

Live From UFC 100 - My 1st UFC Experience

In case you haven't heard about this UFC 100 fight that is taking place tonight, then you've come to the right place if you were unable to see it.

Now let it be known that I am, in no way shape or form, a fan of the UFC. I have been pro-boxing for the past 5 years that the UFC has been blowing up. Boxing just appeals to me more than UFC does. It's probably been instilled in me by my dad, but I just find the history and the classic fights of boxing more appealing than the UFC. However, I felt so compelled today that I had to give you a running diary of my first full UFC experience.

So sit back, put your seat belts on, and place your seats back in an upright position and tray tables locked in.

10:00 PM EST - Kristen and I are on our way over to Vinnie's for the fights. Not sure how I feel about the UFC still...contemplating turning around.

10:03 PM EST - Arrive at my cousin's house. Looking at the ring, Ooops the Octagon, and there is blood all over the mat. So this is how UFC rolls, huh? I have to say, it's kind of awesome.

10:05 PM EST - I'm so out of my element right now. There's all sorts of Octagon's and all-black dressed referees. Where are the ropes? Where are the boxing gloves? I'm in a new world. I might like it.

10:10 PM EST - So apparently there's an undercard just like boxing. Hey! This might not be too bad. First fight is coming up.

10:15 PM EST - OUR TALE OF THE TAPE!! Wow what an upgrade of announcers from boxing. Ok Ok, first thing I'm impressed by. Wait, Joe Rogan is an announcer for the UFC? This is when you know it's going to be a good night. (I can't help but think about Dave Chappelle's FearFactor skit with Joe Rogan). This first fight is between the UFC version of Ricky Hatton, and the only Japanese UFC fighter I've ever seen.

10:17 PM EST - The Japanese fighter apparently is a singer as well. He has sung in front of 20,000 fans before. Why are the Japanese good at everything?

10:19 PM EST - Oh My God the Japanese guy just got straight up kicked to the balls. I don't care whatever you've ever heard...getting kicked in the crown jewels is BY FAR the worst pain a guy can endure. There's nothing that's even in the same ball park.

10:27 PM EST - First fight is rather boring. But Kristen likes the Japanese fighter in this contest because his shorts are cooler. I have to agree. He seems more aggressive and excited to be there. This is UFC 100! How can you not be excited for this!?

10:33 PM EST - We're going into the third round. Basically all of this is leading up to Lesnar-Mir. Which is the real reason I have this laptop on my lap.

10:36 PM EST - Ridiculous Superman punch off of the cage. Now that, was cool. Fight ended. Winner by Split decision, Yoshihiro Akiyamahsiakishiskiakhsikikahku (aka the Japanese guy)

10:41 PM EST - Have to say, I was impressed by all the pre-fight antics. The announcing. The bloody ring. The round girls. But the first fight, not so much. Hopefully this gets better quickly.

10:45 PM EST - This second fight is between the American Dan Henderson (USA! USA!) against this fruitcake Brit Michael Bisbing. Bisbing came out and was dissin' the US right off the bat. You know you can't come to the US and start lashing out against us and not expect an irrelevant blogger to tear you to shreds. So this should be fun...

10:46 PM EST - OUR TALE OF THE TAPE!!! Haha, that is my favorite part of UFC matches by far. What a great saying.

10:50 PM EST - Bisbing is about to get knocked out in the first round. Nothing would make me happier. Bisbing reminds me of a 6'1" Penis with an accent. What a clown.

10:59 PM EST - Wow. I think Bisbing just died. That may have been the biggest punch Ive ever seen. Holy Jesus. Right hand from Henderson just sent Bisbing all the way back to Manchester.

Now he's up asking what happened. That's what happens when you decide you wanna talk garbage on the American with the big right. Hey Bisbing, tell me how that mat taste.

11:02 PM EST - Already love Dan Henderson. Still talking garbage to the knocked out Bisbing. He may be making his case for The Sports Enthusiast's favorite UFC fighter. Actually I'm already nominating he and Chuck Lidell because Chuck beasts in the video game. The hometown kid Frank Edgar is the third nominee. Let's try and get 5 by the end of the blog and I'll pick my favorite at the end.

11:11 PM EST - Quick question. How do you get ito the Octagon. I haven't seen the door yet. I feel like they should be forced to climb in. That would be so entertaining.

Side Note: These past few dudes have been so hood. I thought the UFC was full of hard rock, head banging type of music fighters. But no, we got some real hood flavor in the UFC.

11:20 PM EST - Don't really know how I feel about his uniform, but Georges St. Pierre is definitely in the 5 I'm nominating for my favorite UFC fighter. Just has a swagger about him that can intimidate his opponent.

11:35 PM EST - Georges St Pierre is going to win this fight barring any miracle. Time to get prepped for the big fight. Lesnar/Mir.

11:48 PM EST - Georges St. Pierre still the champion. I loved his corner men the most.

"Calm down, Georges"
"Calm down, breathe"

Pretty comical if you ask me.

12:00 AM EST - It's getting close to my bed time, but we're still live from the $50.00 feed of UFC 100. Brock Lesnar might be the biggest freak of nature I have seen since Lebron James. He is an absolute tank. I'm not sure how I feel about Frank Mir. He just doesn't have enough pre-fight buzz for me to pick him. So I'm going with Brock Lesnar because A) He is huge B) My cousin's name is Brock C) He has the sickest tattoo I've ever seen.

12:01 AM EST - Frank Mir comes out to "So Amazing" by Kanye West, dancing and bopping his head. This was definitely the corniest moment of the night. Wow Frank. You have no chance.

12:08 AM EST - Checking in 7 minutes later to tell you that Brock Lesnar is still big as hell. Maybe the biggest human in that state right now.

12:10 AM EST - Referee tells the two fighters to make it official and touch gloves. So since they didn't touch gloves, is this not official?

12:16 AM EST - Lesnar beat the living crap out of Mir's face in the first round. Let's see how he fairs in the 2nd.

12:21 AM EST - Lesnar just beat the living crap out of Mir's face in the second round. Let's see how he fairs in the hospital.

12:23 AM EST - Totally classless by Lesnar. I was all about him before the glove touch, now he can go scratch. Lost a lot of potential new fans tonight. Including me.

Final thoughts on my first UFC experience. The sport has a chance to be a major sport in this country. However, the major sports pride themselves on class and three out of the 8 fighters showed absolutely no class tonight. And the biggest name on the card showed the least amount of class possible. I may be hooked on some of this sport, but I'll take boxing any day of the week. Sorry UFC fans. Overall it was a solid night.

Now for the winner of The Sport's Enthusiast's favorite UFC fighter..........It's a tie between Dan Henderson and Georges St. Pierre. I just couldn't choose. Goodnight All.

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