Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yea....I'm Back

Guess who's back....back again...Showtime's back....tell a friend. Ahh Yess my boy and co-founder of CCS, Showtime, is back for a special guest blog. So be nice to him and just make sure if you leave a comment it has to do with either the demise of Tim Tebow, or how Michael Crabtree is the most overrated prospect of the past 20 years. So Enjoy the random acts of Showtimeness that you are about to experience. And if you don't know already, Showtime and I are basically the MVPuppets. We should get our own ASAP.

After roughly a 4 month hiatus I feel it is time for me to contribute to the greatest sports blog known to man. A lot has happened in the world of sports since my absence and I feel I need to start putting my two cents in once again.

I want to start off by thanking Al Davis for doing drugs and drafting Derrius Heyward-Bey instead of Michael Crabtree therefore allowing the best team in the NFL (My beloved 49ers) to draft Crabtree instead. I feel like Al Davis thought to himself "Well THC and DHB rhyme so this kid must be good." It doesn't work like that Al. You just don't go picking names out of a hat and make a draft choice. When Mel Kiper doesn't know who your second pick of the draft is, Hell has frozen over or the person making the selection is wasted.

Next I just want to say GO Gators! Yea I know they are just a bunch of hood kids from the street but I love them rainbow. We will repeat as champs next season (I say we because I feel that I am an honorary member of the team just nobody knows about it in the organization yet).

On to some real business. Lakers, Magic NBA finals. Please. Kobe Bryant is the truth whether you like him or not. Yea I know the guy shot horrible from the field going 9 for 30 or something outrageous but that's not the point. When it comes down to it the guy takes over. He makes shots that nobody else can. Plus he has a better supporting cast. Don't get me wrong I like the Magic team but putting all your faith into the all mighty 3 pointer is like saying the Easter Bunny plays dice with Santa on Fridays (Sorry to break it to you Tommy but they're not real). The Lakers will most likely lose game 5 but win it in 6 back in the friendly house that Nicholson built.....Or is it the Staples center. Either way the Lakers will win this year, LeBron will lose again next year, then hello New York. Times Square better get some billboard space ready because we are all witnesses.

On a final note, the Lebron-Kobe puppet commercials.....priceless. They might be the best commercials since the E-trade baby ones. Kobe can I get ring?

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  1. captivating stuff... well written. This guy showtime must have an ESU degree in sportsmanagement or something


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